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The Pliсkers system is a program that allows you to interview more than 60 students in real time. The system is integrated into the educational process. It creates the possibility of conducting interactive surveys in a short time and accelerates the communication process between the lecturer and the audience. This is a program (Pliсkers) for engaging with an audience through a gadget (smartphone), which helps to increase the audience’s attention on the material.

What is this article about?

This article is the Pliсkers tutorial (guide, manual). It contains step-by-step instructions for using the Plikers Interactive Testing System.


Getting Started

To work with the Plickers system, you need to register at and install an application on your smartphone.

Signing up

Registration is simple. You must enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password, and click on the “Sign Up” button. Alternatively, you can log in using the Google Account (“Sign Up with Google” button).

After registration, the system will ask you to check your mail. In the letter that you receive from the system, you will need to confirm that it is actually your mail by clicking on the link. The letter looks like this:

Click the “Confirm Email” link. You will receive approximately the following response: “Thanks for confirming your email”.


After registering, you can start a short study tour with a system that consists of pop-ups (in English). Click Next to see the next card or a cross (“x”) in the upper right corner of the tooltip to turn off the mini course.



In the library, you can create questions and add them to queue in certain classes. When creating a question, you can add up to four answers. You can mark which ones are correct.

Creating a question

To add a question, click on the “New Question” red button. In the question window, add information to the “Add question test here …” field, select “Multiple Choice” to add up to four answers or “True / False” – for two answers options. To mark the correct answer, check the box in “Correct?” column. Click “Save” or “Save and create new”. When creating a question, you can add an image by clicking on the “Add image” button in the lower right corner of the text box (but you have to understand that if there is a picture, the question with the answer options may not fit into the screen).




Reports show the results of the voting.


In classes you can create and manage student lists.

You can add one by one (“Enter Student’s First Name and Last Name (ex. Tim Howard)” and several students (“Add Roster”) . When adding a few students (the “Add Roster” list) you need to enter First Name and Last Name and a paragraph after every student.

Available 63 student cards.


Live view


Installing an application and working with it

To install the application on your smartphone, select Play Store (on Android) and enter “Plikers” in search and press “Search” (magnifier icon).

Click Install. The download will start (program size is approximately 15 MB).

From the icons on the smartphone, find the Plickers icon and click on it.

The program will ask you to log in (“Sign in”) or register (“No Account? Sign Up!”).

For log in, enter your email and password (entered during registration), or use the Google account.

After entering the created classes will be displayed on the screen.


In the application on the smartphone in the class, you can create a test question, and add to the open class questions from the library. Also in the open class all queue questions are displayed. To get started, select the queue listed (click on it).

Live view

At this moment, you need to show on the projector (monitor) real-time viewing mode (the link “Live view”). On the screen, the system will display the polling process.

To collect answers, click on the camera icon (you will need to allow the app to access the camera) and put the camera on the student cards.

Students’ cards should first be downloaded from the “Cards” page, printed and distributed to the students according to the numbers in the class list.

Display the “Live view” page on the projector / screen. When you change the question in a mobile app, the stuff will also change on the “Live view” page.

Please note that after questioning the question disappears from the queue in the smartphone and queue on the website.

This issue will appear in History on the smartphone and in the Question History on the Web site («Reports» – «Question History»).


Updating of the system

This instruction manual is valid as of June 26, 2018. Considering the ability to update the interface at, some of the instructions in this guide may not correspond to reality at the time you read it. For example, there may be new features of the system. If you find inaccuracies (errors, system upgrades), we would appreciate it if you contact us at

Disadvantages of the Plickers system

– the number of responses is limited to four (the impossibility of using more answers options).


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